Somerset youth make their own teenage ‘Wolf Hall’

WAGzH3XGVf2rNLfZ1Txx_kZlRDUr399ZaZwp4mIbvb0,B47aqPNp0c4jq5LoMFVIhPtS0S4w0DW6NFuiRzMcUas,xl-sjtB33Mn3kHvlfcqiu9gSjDTNL7crzTZALcXGUssThe Youth Cinema Foundation have two short films made with Somerset youth premiering on June 26th 2015 at Art Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, Somerset. Teenagers star in the films with young filmmakers helping create them. One of the films is called ‘Shaftesbury’s End’ a costume drama which was shot at Cothay Manor, near Wellington, the location of TV series ‘Wolf Hall’. The other film is called ‘Exposure’ and tells the story of a school minibus trip which will change the group forever. Full story: Read more


Photo 4A group of former Yeovil College students have worked on costumes for the forthcoming BBC adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s prize winning novel Wolf Hall. The highly anticipated series presents an intimate portrait of Thomas Cromwell and his rise to power. From humble beginnings as a brewer’s son in Putney to principal advisor to Henry VIII, Cromwell develops into a pragmatic and accomplished power broker capable of navigating the corridors of power and deadly political intrigue. Full story: Read more