Somerset youth make their own teenage ‘Wolf Hall’

The Youth Cinema Foundation have two short films made with Somerset youth premiering on June 26th 2015 at Art Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, Somerset. Teenagers star in the films with young filmmakers helping create them.
One of the films is called ‘Shaftesbury’s End’ a costume drama which was shot at Cothay Manor, near Wellington, the location of TV series ‘Wolf Hall’. The other film is called ‘Exposure’ and tells the story of a school minibus trip which will change the group forever.


Parents, local community and Sexey’s School and Sexey’s Hospital, Bruton have all got behind the project. Costumes were crowd-funded and South Somerset Council lent sound recording equipment, whilst Hauser & Wirth, Somerset are donating their gallery space to showcase the student work.

Young people involved in the project are taught professional acting techniques and filmmaking skills by an award winning film director. The youth cinema foundation want to see a new generation of west country talent learn about performance, and tell their own stories and get jobs in the entertainment industry.


Youth Cinema Foundation director Jack Price, who used to work for Ridley Scott, made his first short film with ‘The Wire’ and ‘Luther’ star Idris Elba when he was just 21.
Jack says “We want young people to learn how to “read” and “write” motion pictures, then they can get a camera and tell their own stories. This is the next generation of actors and filmmakers, some of our students are already taking lead roles in professional productions, anyone can make films, all you need are the skills, encouragement and the support of your community.” With over 50 teenage students across Bristol and Somerset, the Youth Cinema Foundation premiers students acting and film work at The Watershed Cinema in Bristol, Hauser & Wirth, Somerset and Strode Theatre, Street.

Young actors or filmmakers should contact [email protected]
New courses are auditioning now in Bruton and Glastonbury.

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Photo Credit Ben Taylor