Somerset youth make their own teenage ‘Wolf Hall’

WAGzH3XGVf2rNLfZ1Txx_kZlRDUr399ZaZwp4mIbvb0,B47aqPNp0c4jq5LoMFVIhPtS0S4w0DW6NFuiRzMcUas,xl-sjtB33Mn3kHvlfcqiu9gSjDTNL7crzTZALcXGUssThe Youth Cinema Foundation have two short films made with Somerset youth premiering on June 26th 2015 at Art Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, Somerset. Teenagers star in the films with young filmmakers helping create them. One of the films is called ‘Shaftesbury’s End’ a costume drama which was shot at Cothay Manor, near Wellington, the location of TV series ‘Wolf Hall’. The other film is called ‘Exposure’ and tells the story of a school minibus trip which will change the group forever. Full story: Read more