Yeovil in Bloom promotional event to encourage neighbourhood floral growth

yeovil_in_bloomThe Yeovil in Bloom Steering Group is holding a promotional event in the Quedam Shopping Centre on Saturday 6 April from 10pm until 2pm to encourage neighbourhood communities to sow seeds to promote floral and vegetable growth.

An area in the raised bed next to BHS in Yeovil will be cleared and the shrubs will be replaced with wildflower and perennial mixes that not only look spectacular, but will feed butterflies. With the weather over the past few years being so poor in the summer, it has made it very difficult for butterflies and bees to find food. By planting the flowers here, it will encourage wildlife such as butterflies and bees to feed.

Packets of seeds for people to sow in their local area will be given away for free and advice will be given on growing vegetables in unconventional areas near your homes.

Yeovil in Bloom is a local initiative, which is funded and managed by Yeovil Town Council with the work being carried out by the SSDC horticulture and streetcleaning teams.

Chairman of the Steering Group, Councillor David Recardo said, “This is a great opportunity for the local community to come together and take part in a new initiative, which will help make Yeovil an even more attractive place to visit and in which to shop. All the costs involved are kindly being met by the Quedam Shopping Centre, which actively supports the Yeovil in Bloom concept and works in partnership with all the organisations and individuals represented on the Steering Group.”

Councillor Jo Roundell Greene, SSDC portfolio holder for Environment and Economic Services said, “Yeovil in Bloom is a real success in providing attractive flowers all around the town centre but it’s also important to think about protecting wildlife such as butterflies and bees. About one third of what we eat is pollinated by bees and Yeovil in Bloom’s promotional event will encourage people to grow flowers near their homes and help to protect these species. It’s important we do all we can as about because without these insects, we will also not be able to survive.”

Come along and talk to a representative from Yeovil in Bloom about starting up growing groups, edible and floral in your neighbourhood.


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