Yeovil College students complete film about the Westland World Helicopter Speed Record

Yeovil College MediaLearners from Yeovil College have shown their film about the Westland World Helicopter Speed Record – Westland ONE – to a public audience for the first time. It was watched by former Westland staff and local business leaders at Yeovil College and received great praise. The audience said it reflected the spirit and ambition of the people who had worked to create the speed record.

The film tells the story of how Chief Test Pilot, Trevor Egginton, flew G-LYNX at 249.1 miles per hour over a 2-mile course on the Somerset Levels, 11th August 1986. The film uses footage of G-LYNX from 30 years ago, together with interviews with Jane Egginton, daughter of pilot Trevor Egginton and Derek Clews, Flight Test Engineer and Co-Pilot of G-LYNX.

Learners, Will Roney, Kerry Pike, Ben Gay and Luke Cawley, aged 17-19, were tasked to make a short film about the Lynx helicopter built in Yeovil that set the world speed record. Luke Cawley, 18 yrs, said, “This has been an interesting experience, working with external clients and learning new communication skills. I’ve had the opportunity to showcase my skills to a range of businesses, especially within video production. This will help me with my career in the media sector because I will be able to include the Westland ONE film within my showreel. I’m planning to study FdA Media, Levels 4 and 5, next year at the Yeovil College University Centre”. Level 3 media learners developed skills by researching, planning, script writing, filming and editing, working on the production.

Yeovil College worked in partnership with Radio Ninesprings – Yeovil’s new community radio station – to make Westland ONE and with Yeovil film company, Grace Productions, Rich Productions, and Leonardo (formerly AgustaWestland).

Executive Producer of Westland ONE and Director of Radio Ninesprings, Steve Haigh, said, “The students have done a first class job making this film. They had to dig deep to tell the story and they have told it well. It will ensure the story is preserved for future generations to learn about. I hope the experience will have helped the students with their careers and the next time I need a film made I will not hesitate in contacting Yeovil College”.

The film was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) as part of the Westland100 Oral History project that is creating a spoken archive of aircraft manufacturing in Yeovil.

Westland ONE will be available shortly on DVD to buy. Copies will be placed in Yeovil Library.

Photo: Yeovil College media learners and the partnership.