The Daleks are coming to Fleet Air Arm Museum, August 10th & 11th!

50 years after the Daleks were first seen on our TV screens they are planning a terrifying return to the Fleet Air Arm Museum on Aug 10 & 11.

IMG_5859Together with their evil accomplices Davros, Miss Hartigan, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Pig Slave, Weeping Angel and many more, this year’s visitation will feature some new family activities and entertainment including the ever popular Audience with the Daleks when you can ask the more friendly Daleks the questions on everybody’s mind such as, “How old are you and how do you get up stairs?”

The event will take place throughout three Halls of the Fleet Air Arm Museum with the performances taking place in front of a dramatic new Space Station set under Concorde.

This year’s Dalek Invasion will also see the return of an original 1960’s Dalek. The Dalek is the most complete surviving example of a 1960’s Dr Who TV Series Dalek in existence. It was featured in virtually every episode from 1963 to 1968 as the enemy of the first and second Doctors. William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton and was probably the first Dalek to speak, uttering the chilling command “You will move ahead of us and follow my directions!” Although now looking its age, the Dalek is so valuable that it will be displayed within a locked glass case.

Audience with a Dalek 1To add to the fun and terror of the day, children are encouraged to wear Sci- Fi Fancy Dress. In addition, Dr Who traders and celebrities will add to the occasion. The day will finish with the March of the Daleks when the army of Daleks and their evil friends will parade through the museum ending under Concorde for a giant photo opportunity.

Doors will open to the public from 10.00am and normal museum entry prices will apply.

To avoid queuing on the day, tickets will also be available in advance on the museum website and in the Museum Shop.

Fleet Air Arm Museum RNAS Yeovilton Somerset BA22 8HT Tel 01935 840565


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