Team Orange say “Cheers” to the newlyweds

Team Orange say “Cheers” to the newly weds at the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival and congratulate Harry & Megan by making a sand sculpture of the happy couple.

The sculpture depicts the two as fun caricatures arm in arm.  Both sporting their much-discussed outfits of choice, though we’re not sure Givenchy will approve of the tanned interpretation.  Of you’re not a royalist or had no interest in the “big day” we think that there’s a humour here you will also enjoy.  For the rest of us that love a royal celebration, let’s raise a toast and “Cheers”

The organisers are inviting you to leave your comments and well wishes for the bride and groom and promise to pass them on.  This is not the first royal sculpture the event has created.  Back in 2012 UK artist Nicola Wood created a sculpture of the Queen herself in light of the jubilee that year and shortly after that, in 2013 a talented team of artists travelled to London to create a celebratory sculpture to welcome the new Prince George.

Artist Nicola Wood says:

“It’s always fun to create sculptures that “split the room”, as an artist it’s insightful to provoke people into sharing their opinions and creating a talking point.  Some enjoy all the fuss and some don’t but I always enjoy the reactions…good and bad”

In all cases the event has collated comments and shared them, and in 2013 secret sources assured us that the sculpture was seen by the Dutchess and she passed on her compliments and gratitude. Organiser Alec Messchaert explains

“I love a royal celebration and enjoy reading everybody’s comments and compliments.  We will certainly pass them on so that the royals can peruse them over a glass of bubbly…we hope”

The current piece of Harry and Meghan was created as the couple were taking their vows on 19th May and will remain there until October.  Catch it whilst you can.

The festival is open daily until the end of September between 10am and 6pm. Tickets can be bought at the entrance. Visit for more information. School bookings and team events available.