Kenneth Garwood – A Solo Celebration July 27 – August 7, Ilminster Arts Centre

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 13.00.16This exhibition, in the Café Gallery at Ilminster Arts Centre, is a celebration of Kenneth’s life as well as his work and will feature paintings from throughout his career, including late flower and garden themed pieces. Visit our café gallery during this period and celebrate too. Ilminster Arts Centre at the Meeting House, East Street, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 0AN. Tel: 01460 55783, [email protected]

Martin Cousin “One of the most exceptional pianists of his generation” Live at Ilminster Arts Centre, 6th February 2015  

Martin_1Cousin_1The hands that you see playing Rachmaninoff’s breathtaking Piano Concerto No 3 in the Oscar-winning film Shine, belong to Martin Cousin, a young man who is regarded as one of the most exceptional pianists of his generation. Now, thanks to the arts charity Concerts in the West, audiences in Somerset will have the chance to see those hands live in action on 6 February at Ilminster Arts Centre. Full story: Read more