Old Sarum archaeologists reveal plan of medieval city

Old SarumA detailed plan of a medieval city has been produced by experts without any digging at the site. The latest scanning techniques were used to uncover a network of buildings at the 11th Century Old Sarum near Salisbury in Wiltshire. The results include a series of large structures, possibly defences, with open areas of ground behind possibly for mustering resources or people. Old Sarum was the original site of Salisbury, which is two miles away. Full story: Read more


Excavation unearths interesting finds

Connor discoerving skeleton 2A major excavation in South Somerset is drawing to a close after archaeologists from Cambridge and Cardiff Universities have spent the last three summers excavating on the largest Iron Age hillfort in the country. Hillforts are one of the most common and wide spread monuments of British prehistory that date to the first millennium BC and last until the Roman conquest. It is unusual for a large area within a hillfort to be excavated due to their protection however Ham Hill stone is one of the most important building resources in southern England. Special permission has been granted and the Ham Hill Stone Quarry is funding an extensive exploration of the hillfort. Full Story: Read More