Ukip – something to celebrate in Somerton & Frome Constituency

Barry Harding UkipThe Somerton & Frome Branch of the UK Independence Party have announced details of their first Christmas dinner to be held in Evercreech. Barry Harding, Branch Chairman, said ‘In recent years our Branch has been growing steadily with increasing membership but our growth over the last year has been significant in both members and enquiries and we felt the success warranted a celebration. As our largest membership increase has been in the Evercreech area we decided to locate our dinner there. Full Story: Read More

James Chocolates Competition Winner

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 10.29.30The winner of the James Chocolates Competition from the October Issue is: Pat Woolley from Kilve, Somerset. The question was: What year did James Hutchins start making handmade chocolates? Pat was correct with her answer of 1995. Well done Pat! We hope you enjoy your box of chocolates!