SSDC awards £10,000 grant towards the cost of a new community pre-school in Somerton

SSDCArea North Committee has approved a grant of £10,000 to be awarded to Somerton Roundabout Pre-School towards the cost of a replacement pre-school building, meaning local families will benefit for years to come.

Roundabout Pre-school is currently based in a wooden building that is over 50 years old and no longer meets current needs. A suitable replacement building has been identified, but with a remaining shortfall of around £33,000 and an estimated project cost of nearly £200,000 the Trustees approached the Area North Committee for a grant of £10,000 towards reducing this gap.

In addition to many years of hard fundraising, the committee of local parents and supporters of the pre-school obtained other grants from Somerset County Council, Yarlington Housing Group, Somerton Town Council, and a variety of local trusts and sponsors. The funding from South Somerset District Council has been made available through its community grants programme designed to provide help to projects led by the local community.

Jenny Maynard, one of the trustees from Roundabout pre-school said, “Roundabout is run by the community for the benefit of the pre-school children of Somerton. We very much appreciate the support given by Area North as it will give us the confidence to start work on site on 28th October. We are looking forward to being in our new building in the early months of 2014.”

The local ward members Councillors Pauline Clarke and David Norris strongly supported the award. “It’s wonderful to see the project getting closer and closer to the final hurdle and being able to start now. Local families will be getting the benefits of the new building for years to come.”

To find out more about SSDC and its support for local community projects contact your local Area Development team on 01935 462462 or [email protected]



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