Somerset to India for Charity on a Bicycle!

Jude345 days and thousands of miles, teenager reaches India on incredible two-wheeled journey for St. Margaret’s Hospice

Jude Kriwald left from St. Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil on Saturday 16th June 2012 to begin an epic journey- by bike – to India to raise money for St. Margaret’s Hospice. On Friday 31st May 2013, nearly one year after he began, Jude crossed the border of India.

Only 19 years-old when he began his solo cycle intending to cover 6,000 miles and 17 countries; on Friday (31st May) he reached India having travelled through 18 countries and cycled over 10,000 miles to reach his destination. Staff at St. Margaret’s Hospice expressed how incredibly proud they are of his achievement and so glad to hear that he has reached India safely.

Jude’s grandmother, who lived in Taunton, was diagnosed with cancer soon before he left and had been receiving a wide-range of care from St. Margaret’s Hospice. Sadly, she died in January 2013, though Jude was able to take a hiatus from his travel to return home, he went back to Tajikistan to where he’d stowed his bike to continue and raise money along the way in memory of his grandmother.

Jude’s mother, Ali Cameron-Daw said:

“We are all overjoyed that Jude has reached India. At times it has been very grueling for Jude (although he always plays this down to his family)….being alone for days on end in very isolated landscapes, sleeping and cycling in extreme cold, -30 degrees at times.

He’s always been hugely boosted to continue his journey when he comes across isolated villages, often with very poor inhabitants, who show him immense kindness and hospitality. His stamina, ingenuity and most of all his determination is quite staggering. We were really so pleased to hear from Jude with the news that he had crossed the border. His Grandmother was so proud of him, as are we on reaching the country of his destination.”

There are some amazing pictures and tales on his blog which he will be updating during the last leg of his trip down to Amritsar. You can also pledge your support for Jude’s trip and St. Margaret’s Hospice via his blog

In March Jude was honoured for his incredible challenge and fundraising effort, winning a BBC Pride of Somerset Youth Award. His proud parents accepted the award on his behalf as he was cycling through Afghanistan at the time.

Before he began his challenge Jude told us, “I relish the challenge of pushing myself more than ever! The part of the trip I’m most looking forward to is going through the really adventurous countries like Iran and Tajikistan. I don’t expect it to be easy, but that’s what makes it a challenge!” We are looking forward to a full de-brief from him on his journey and travel through all of the countries.

You may still show your support for Jude and his impressive challenge for St. Margaret’s Hospice; you can make a donation via his website All donations and sponsorship will go directly to St. Margaret’s Hospice.

Jude will be returning to the UK at the end of July.

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