Somerset Emergency Flood Relief Fund Appeal

Somerset FloodsIn response to the crisis arising from the extensive and persistent flooding on the Somerset Levels this winter, Somerset Community Foundation is accepting donations to relieve the immediate hardship individuals, families and communities are facing and support their recovery over the coming weeks and months. Support is already being distributed,but we need to ensure we do everything possible to alleviate the immediate crisis and support a swift recovery.

For many it is the second time in two years they have been affected, and whole communities have been cut off for weeks. The response within the communities themselves has been magnificent, but there is only so much they can do for themselves. With your support, we will help families and communities get back on their feet as quickly as possible

We will use the funds raised to:

  • Provide emergency relief grants to people whose homes have flooded to meet the immediate financial burdens of moving out, pumping and drying, and emergency repairs. These are £250 and usually awarded within 48 hours of receipt of an eligible application.
  • Help those who face additional financial burdens as a result of the flooding, for example through loss of earnings, extended daily commutes and school run
  • Support local micro-businesses to ensure their survival and swift recovery as an essential part of the local community and economy through grants and, where applicable, loans.
  • Support counselling and other support services to help people cope with the emotional stress caused by the flooding in the short and medium term.

If donations exceed the immediate need outlined above we will use donations to help communities on the Levels increase their resilience, or retain for future episodes of flooding. As far as possible the cost of adminstering the fund will be taken from gift aid receipts, and no more than 10% will be taken from gift aided donations for administration.

For more information or to make a donation please visit: