Somerset Animal Sanctuary Needs Home for Endangered Breed Ponies

Ferne Animal Sanctuary is urgently seeking a new home for Quiver and Quintus, two rare breed Eriskay ponies. They originally came to live at the Sanctuary when due to the owners’ ill-health they could no longer be cared for.

Despite Ferne rehoming them again, unfortunately, nearly three years on, Quiver and Quintus have now lost their grazing home due to the land being redeveloped for housing.

Nikki Haddock, Head of Equine at Ferne Animal Sanctuary said: “The Eriskay breed is critically endangered – this means there are less than 300 breeding mares left – which is rarer than the Giant Panda!  They are native to the UK being from Eriskay, which is an island in the Outer Hebrides.


Image: Quiver and Quintus

“Quiver and Quintus have never been broken in and have just been kept as ‘field ornaments’ for most of their lives. They are proving to be exceptionally difficult to find a new home for, so we are appealing to as many people as possible to help us.

“They are now fifteen years old and have never been separated, so they need to stay together. They are real little characters and would love a home to call their own to see out the rest of their days. They are a lovely example of a breed which is very rarely seen anymore.”

“Originally, the ponies would have been used for riding and driving. Children would even ride them to school. They are very versatile, strong enough to carry an adult, small enough to be ridden by children and capable of participating in any equestrian activities.

“Due to their heritage they are extremely hardy ponies. They live out happily in the harshest conditions – provided they have adequate natural shelter and access to sufficient forage through the winter.

“Losing land for grazing to development companies who are building housing stock on it is becoming a more frequent occurrence for people keeping horses and livestock. We will be extremely grateful to anyone who can help us find them a permanent home.”

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