Sherborne Mural is about to be installed!

The town of Sherborne has a fascinating history with many colourful episodes marking important points in the town’s development. These moments have been captured in full colour by the Sherborne Mural which will be gifted to the town at 6 pm on Friday 12 June 2015.

The 18 large panels are now finished and being prepared for installation. This will take place against the wooden fence which borders Old Market Car Park, and when in place will provide a stunning image to greet visitors and residents alike.

Elizabeth and Raleigh

The support from across the community has been wonderful with funding provided by Simon Digby Trust, Magna Housing and Sherborne ArtsLink’s Big Lottery TakepArt project. The support of the Town Council’s has been key, both in terms of practical help installing the panels, and for managing them into the future. Artists Mike Fenton-Wilkinson and Peter Sheridan have generously given their time and creativity to develop a contemporary version of the history provided by local historian Katherine Barker. Support provided by Sherborne Area Partnership, Lizzie Kingsbury from The Gryphon School and many others in the local community has been invaluable.

Jennie Loader from Sherborne ArtsLink said ‘This has been an amazing project with lots of community involvement. We have created a wonderful, bright and bold piece of art which celebrates the history of a unique town. It has been a pleasure to be part of the team guiding it from idea to reality.’

All are welcome to join the Gifting Ceremony which will take place at 6 pm in the Old Market Car Park on Friday 12 June 2015. For information please contact Peter Neal on 07443508188 or [email protected].

Photo:  One of the finished 18 panels depicting Queen Elizabeth the First and Sir Walter Raleigh next to Sherborne Castle.

About Sherborne ArtsLink:

Sherborne ArtsLink is an educational community arts charity core-funded by West Dorset District Council. Sherborne ArtsLink is running the TakepArt project which is funded by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund with: The Rendezvous, The Gryphon School, Tinney’s Lane Youth Centre, Four Leaf Clover Club, Sherborne Learning Centre, Sherborne Children’s Centre.

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