Sherborne Girls invites students to unleash their inner filmmaker

SherborneSherborne Girls in Dorset is launching a pitch process for students wishing to apply for a place on the Sixth Form International Baccalaureate scholarship programme which starts in September.

Students are invited to submit a proposal for a short documentary on any topic they feel passionate about, which will then be pitched to a panel of judges. Designed to test students’ knowledge and critical thinking, as well as their ability to express ideas confidently and creatively, the winning proposal will be given funding to make a 5-10 minute documentary with support from a professional film crew. The documentary will then contribute towards the student’s IB diploma.

Says Sherborne Girls Headmistress Jenny Dwyer:  “This is a wonderful opportunity for a student to a come up with an original and exciting idea for a short film that really fires their imagination and encourages them to defend their ideals and beliefs. IB students are encouraged to have inquiring minds, as well as make reasoned and ethical decisions, so we are looking forward to hearing from girls who enjoy being stretched mentally and creatively, and have an issue that they would love to explore on film.”The deadline for applications is 25 February 2013, with presentations on 15 March 2013.


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