Seven Extreme International Marathons for The Dorset Runner Who Had Never Run

Just one year ago running never really featured in Laura Jones’s life.  Now the 29 year old from Dorset is halfway through an epic challenge to run seven marathons around the world within a year and raise £10,000 for The Jonny Wilkinson Foundation and The Scout Association.

She’s already run one of the world’s most iconic marathons; London, carrying on to the World’s Highest; Everest, and then battled high winds in the “marathon at the end of the world” in Patagonia. She’s just completed her Australasia marathon which saw her running in temperatures of 30c. Next up is North America, and then the world’s coldest; The Yukon Arctic before finishing with Mt Kilimanjaro.

Laura is raising money on behalf of two charities; The Jonny Wilkinson Foundation, supporting mental health issues which have personal significance for her after the death of her father when she was just 13.

She’s also raising money for The Scout Association; an organisation which helps young people reach their full potential by offering them challenging activities, unique experiences and everyday adventure; a fitting match for Laura’s challenge.

Totally inspired by Laura, the team at SturFit are determined to help her raise as much money as possible for her challenge.

SturFit gym, where Jones does much of her training, will be closing its doors on 2nd December to hold a 7-7 Challenge to raise money towards her charities. Courtenay Hitchcock, Trustee at the gym said: “The day will kick off at 7am and we will continue through until 7pm; involving as many gym members, community clubs and members of the public as possible. The aim is to achieve 1,700 miles on a combination of cardio equipment.”

Laura is calling on everyone in the area to come and take part in the event, and hopes as many people as possible will get involved “it’s going to be a fun challenge and a great day, so please come and clock up a few miles, raise some money, or just enjoy some of the cake and a sports massage”.

The marathons:

23rd April – London Marathon

29th May – Everest Marathon

9th September – Patagonia Marathon

22nd October – Rottnest Marathon

26th November – Seattle Marathon

1st February – Yukon Arctic Marathon

4th March – Kilimanjaro Marathon