Scoop that poop and report any foul play!

No_PoopDog owners are being reminded to clear up after their dog fouls in an attempt to keep the pavements and green spaces in South Somerset clean and tidy.

With better weather due to be coming over the spring and summer months, we are likely to see more people walking their dogs. Owners are reminded that it is important to clear up after your dog; not only to help keep the streets and parks clean but also to prevent the spread of Toxocariosis and Salmonellosis.

Dog owners can dispose of their dog waste by putting it in the dog bins that can be found regularly across towns and villages or they can use normal litter bins if it is double wrapped.

If you fail to pick up after your dog and you are witnessed, either by a member of the public who is willing to give a statement, or by an authorised member of the council, our Enforcement Officers from Streetscene Services can serve you with a fixed penalty notice of £80. Failure to pay the fixed penalty notice could result in prosecution proceedings being taken against you for which the maximum fine is £1,000.

Councillor Jo Roundell Greene, portfolio holder for Environment and Economic Services said, “Dog owners have a duty to clear up after their dog and to help keep the streets and parks clean. We ask that all dog owners clear up after their dogs. If you see someone not clearing up after their dog has fouled, please report it to the council and the officers will follow the incident up.”

Incidents can be reported via the customer services hotline 01935 462462 or alternatively online via <> . Reports can be made anonymously however it is preferred you leave your name and address so that fixed penalties can be issued to fine irresponsible dog owners if you are willing to provide a statement.


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