Scare and save this Halloween

Somerset Waste Partnership.pngWith millions of pumpkins being sold in the days before All Hallows’ Eve, some great ways to save cash and have fun are being suggested by Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP).

SWP is urging Halloween revellers to use every bit of the pumpkin and recycle anything left over, from making the traditional Jack O’Lantern to turning the flesh and seeds into tasty snacks.

It says that the last place for a pumpkin is the refuse bin and off to spend decades decaying in landfill, as that could waste thousands of pounds.

Among SWP’s suggestions for scary fun at Halloween are:

  • Make spooktastic costumes from old clothes, and then recycle them
  • Toast the pumpkin seeds to make a snack, and turn the flesh into soup and pies.
  • Save cash by making cakes and biscuits as treats for trick or treat
  • Keep and dry some seeds to plant your own pumpkin for next year.
  • Put the old pumpkin in your compost bin or kerbside food waste container.

An SWP spokesperson said: “A low-waste, cash-saving celebration at Halloween is great fun for all the family, from special food and unusual treats to dressing up that costs only pennies.”

Plenty of recipes, from roast pumpkin lasagne to pumpkin ravioli, can be found on the national Love Food Hate Waste website at