Robotic Easter at Fleet Air Arm Museum

It’s a battle for the survival of the fittest robot this Easter at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Robots from all over the UK will be trundling towards the Fleet Air Arm Museum on April 10, 11, and 12 in an all out battle to grind, slam and crush the opposition.

The event is organised by Robo Challenge Ltd whose expertise in building robots is regularly seen on TV’s The Gadget Show.

Many participants of the hit TV show Robot Wars travel from all over the UK to compete with their mechanical warriors behind the bullet proof Robo Challenge Arena.

These jaw dropping machines fall into the “Featherweight” classification of robots but don’t let the name fool you, they can weigh up to 30 pounds (13.6kg).

Among the robots lining up to do battle will be a new robot called Predator.

Predator low res Designed and built by the Robo Challenge Director James Cooper. Predator’s main weapon is a 3.5kg spinning disc with a single steel tooth. The machine sports self-righting arms that help the robot back onto its feet incase it gets flipped over and titanium armour for protection. Built to be destructive in the extreme.

Predator is finally ready to take on the deadliest robots across the UK.

The full combat event is unlike any other. Not only is it a unique opportunity to see these deadly, gadget filled machines in battle but audiences get to meet the inventors and ‘bot builders’ behind these awesome creations.

Robot warsIf that’s not enough, friends and families will get the chance to work as a team to build a real robot and take it into battle. This unique experience teaches the participants how robots work using science and technology and is suitable for ages seven years and upward.

There is no additional charge to attend and participate in the Robo Challenge event. Normal Museum admission prices apply. To sign up to a robot building workshop simply apply on the day.

For full details, see the Museum’s website or call 01935 840565


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