Nominate An Inmate to Spend 24hrs in Shepton Prison ? SOS Charity Shop Opening in Frome


Have you been searching for swift justice against a crime you deem worthy of incarceration? Do you know of a guilty individual who has yet to have their day in court? Whether it is the friend who is always the last to buy a round, the colleague who always manages to avoid the Christmas Day shift or the roommate who just won’t stop snoring or if you are simply desperate for 24 hours peace and quiet, look no further, justice is about to be served.

Courtesy of City & Country and Regency Chess, for the first and only time, SOS Africa is empowering 200 lucky individuals with the authority to “nominate an inmate” of their choice and sentence them to 24 hours imprisonment in HMP Shepton Mallet this October. In return for these judicial powers we ask that each nominee raise ÂŁ240 – a year’s tuition for an SOS Africa child. Whether pupils nominate head teachers, students nominate their lecturers, constituents nominate their councillors/MPs or sports teams nominate their coaches, we are willing consider all requests.

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We are also pleased to announce that this November a brand new SOS Africa Charity Shop will open its doors to the people of Frome. This exciting new shop will open for business on November 1st, during one of the town’s infamous Sunday Independent Markets and we would like to invite you all to come and say hello..

Based at the foot of the bustling Cheap Street, the new shop will be colourfully decorated and well-stocked with a variety of exciting but affordable items which will attract an array of customers, in keeping with our philosophy that charity shops should be places where you can spend loose change and pick up a bargain.

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