No sign of Springtime in the Ferne Aviary

Without a doubt our old aviary has seen better days! However, we are just about to give it a new lease of life with a re-build which will provide our feathered friends with lots more space and a better environment.  In order to create the most natural environment we can, we are desperately seeking donations of plants or trees. Have you got any surplus plants lurking in your garden?

Ferne Animal Sanctuary Luke in despair!

Particular favourites for the birds are: pampas grass, spider plants, bamboo, apple tree, English holly, Elder, Sunflowers, common box, ferns, marigolds, chamomile, hibiscus and African violets.

“We would love the new Aviary to have lots of living plants, trees and succulents to help simulate the bird’s natural habitat to encourage natural behaviours” said Nikki our Animal Manager. “In the process we are also hoping to give the birds more space and also allow us to take in more rescue birds.” 

The new area will also include a variety of substrates on the ground for those who like to forage on the floor as well as a water feature for bathing and entertainment. There will be an improved, heated housing area where the birds can comfortably take shelter from the weather and an enclosed space where we can keep injured or unwell birds while they are recuperating.

Please get in touch with us on 01460 65214, if you’re having a tidy up in the garden and have some plants to spare.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity and relies on the support of the public and dedicated volunteers to continue its vital work.

For further information visit or call us on Tel: 01460 65214Ferne Animal Sanctuary