‘Name the Cygnet’ Competition Proves Popular at Bishop’s Palace

The annual Bishop’s Palace competition to choose names for the new cygnets is proving to be more popular than ever following huge levels of interest in the new arrivals!

Cygnet Bishop's Palace Wells

Palace staff have been inundated with suggestions for cygnet names since announcing the competition, and media interest in the cygnets has spread nation-wide thanks in part to the wonderful images captured by local photographer Jason Bryant, and featured in publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

So far cygnet name suggestions have included the respectful (‘Ruth’ for the new Bishop of Taunton) the fanciful (‘Odette’, ‘Twirly’ & ‘Honey’) the hilarious (‘Tim Beak’ in honour of the nation’s favourite astronaut) and the ludicrous (‘Swanold Trump’).

Palace spokesperson Merryn Kidd said “We welcome all suggestions, however interesting. We promise the public that we will stand by those names that are pulled out of the hat – unlike the Boaty McBoat Face situation. And yes, we have already received more than one vote for Swanny McSwan Face and Cygnet McCygnet Face…”

Whatever you’re inspired by, send in your suggestions to the Palace via emailFacebookTwitter or in person at the Palace Shop! The names will be announced on Tuesday 10th May.

Thousands of keen viewers tuned into the Palace Swan Cam over the Bank Holiday weekend to watch footage of the cygnets arriving and were rewarded with stunning pictures of the new babies. The proud parents took the elder cygnets into the water on Bank Holiday Monday and all 9 were seen swimming in the moat on Tuesday morning.

To watch live: www.bishopspalace.org.uk/swan-watch