Naked Dollies get dressed in time for winter!

Cutcombe pre-school on Exmoor had a large number of toy dolls that over the years had lost their clothing. Sheralee Matravers who runs the pre-school contacted Caroline Harding, a Community Council for Somerset (CCS) Village Agent, who was asked to help.

The Timberscombe Social Club is a group of local women and men who meet up for coffee and crafts. Caroline explained the pre-school issue to them and was inundated with offers of help.


The Social Club set about designing custom-made wardrobes for the dolls and arranged to deliver them, fully dressed in their new outfits, back to the children.

The pre-school children were very happy to receive such beautifully dressed dolls and the Social Club were greeted and presented with handmade thank you cards and flowers from the children – followed by a lovely cup of tea.

Somerset Village Agent Caroline Harding said: “It was one of the more unusal requests I have received from the community but it was great to get involved with this lovely story and demonstrated community spirit is still very much alive.

Somerset Village Agents live and work in their local area, making them perfectly placed to support groups to set up, grow and flourish. Village Agents also provide support for individuals to improve the quality of life of people living in rural areas.

Pictured: Mrs Goodall and Mrs Sharp from the Timberscombe Social Club who came to the dolls rescue with some of the pre-school children.