Minister praises Somerset waste working

somerset_wasteJoint working to save money, cut waste and improve efficiency in Somerset has been praised by a government minister.

Resource minister Lord de Mauley told a meeting on local solutions to waste management that local authorities had achieved “impressive” increases in recycling.

And he highlighted how Somerset’s six councils had created Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) to integrate management of waste collection and disposal into a single body.

Lord de Mauley added: “We all face a tough financial future. It is more important than ever that local authorities work together as efficiently as they can.”

In its first five years, SWP launched kerbside collections for a dozen materials, raised recycling rates over 50%, and saved council tax payers well over £7.5 million with 30% fewer staff.

SWP managing director Steve Read said: “Joint working clearly offers savings, better services and greater efficiency, and it is great that this is recognised by the government.

“In these tough times, SWP will continue to look for ways to achieve more with less, while always striving  to reduce waste and cut Somerset’s landfill bill.

recycle“Essential to meet all of these challenges is the fantastic way Somerset residents support food waste collections and recycle as much as possible.”

Read been recently begun a part-time secondment to help councils in Gloucester create their own waste partnership.

Lord de Mauley, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Resource Management, the Local Environment and Environmental Science was speaking at Local Waste Review launch at the Local Government Association’s London HQ.


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