Dozens of giant animatronic predators will be greeting visitors to Longleat this Easter as part of major new attraction.

Longleat-staff-clean-the-teeth-of-a-giant-animatronic-deep-sea-angler-fish-as-part-of-their-new-Predators-feature-which-opens-at-Easter. Photo: Dave McGirr

‘Predators’ showcases a menagerie of moving models including a deep sea anglerfish, a giant 12-metre-long saltwater crocodile, a polar bear, a Komodo dragon and a three-metre-tall spitting cobra – which actually spits.

Sheltering from a giant animatronic spitting cobra at Longleat’s new Predators feature which opens at Easter. Photo: Dave McGirr

Located in and around Longleat’s Main Square, each of the models is set within its own environment and linked by a series of interpretation boards describing how these special animals use their unique adaptations to become some of the planet’s ultimate predators.

One of the scenes features a male lion looking down from a rock ready to steal a zebra carcass from a pack of hyenas. The scene comes complete with authentic roars, yips and snarls.

Wash the birdie – an over-sized shrike gets a final clean from Longleat staff member prior to opening of new Predators feature for Easter. Photo: Dave McGirr

Another portrays a giant red-backed shrike, also known as the butcher bird, sitting on a thorn bush where its victims; including a lizard, ladybird, beetle and a grasshopper are all impaled on spikes.

Alongside modern day carnivores the new attraction features prehistoric predators with a magnificent sabre-toothed cat and a 10-metre-long Baryonyx dinosaur brought thrillingly back to life.

Say arggh – Longleat staff member dons hard hat to check inside the mouth of an animatronic crocodile which forms part of their new Predators feature. Photo: Dave McGirr

There’s even a giant Venus flytrap plant which visitors can trigger into action by throwing over-sized flies into its snapping traps.

Predators runs from March 24th until September 3rd at Longleat, Warminster, Wilts BA12 7NW.  Online admission from £29.70 for adults and £22.27 for children (3-15 yrs). For more information and to book visit www.longleat.co.uk or call 01985 844400.