Local ladies excel at flower arranging

Local flower lovers recently celebrated the start of autumn at a flower arranging workshop held at Combe St Nicholas Village Hall, near Chard in Somerset.

Local ladies proudly presenting their designs. Photo: Jackie Nicholls

Before starting work, the group watched a step-by-step demonstration by their tutor. The village hall was full of fun and laughter as they learnt new ideas and tricks of the trade.

Each lady made a stunning design. Using rich, jewel bursts of colours, they learnt about textures, how to group their flowers so they looked amazing, plus lots of useful techniques and design tips along the way.

Sue Hipwood from Wadeford (pictured front row in the centre) said: “I am more than pleased with my design. I learnt so much – and even included cherry tomatoes in my arrangement! It was an excellent workshop.”

“Jackie is always so encouraging. I not only learnt how to group my flowers, but was also shown some wiring techniques, it was a really enjoyable workshop”, added Louise Boffey from Chaffcombe (pictured front row left).

Tutor Jackie Nicholls from Ashville Design in Somerset who runs the workshops said: “There’s always a great atmosphere at these friendly events. Everyone was very relaxed, passionate about flowers and full of enthusiasm. These striking arrangements were definitely a feast for the eyes. Didn’t they do well!”

For more information on up-coming Christmas workshops contact Jackie on 01460 67795 or 07906 259 683 or visit www.ashvilledesign.co.uk