Langport Fiver Fest, 5th -12th October 2019

From Saturday 5th October, Langport businesses will be taking part in a week-long Totally Locally Fiver Fest.

This will see local, independent businesses creating special £5 offers for their customers and encouraging shoppers to support local businesses.

Shops, cafés, pubs and businesses will be taking part, with distinctive posters highlighting the offers around town.

This is the perfect opportunity to find out what is on your doorstep, support the businesses that make Langport unique and to grab yourself a bargain at the same time.

This event is part of a national celebration of small independent businesses and shops, who contribute substantially to the economy. Businesses taking part in Langport’s Fiver Fest will put together special £5 offers that illustrate the variety and value of what they offer.

Fiver Fest comes from the Totally Locally, now infamous, £5 message, which shows the enormous impact customers have if they were to spend just £5 a week in their local independent shops. The £5 message is straight forward. It is not about making anyone feel bad. No pressure, no guilt! It does not mean spending more but deciding to spend £5 a week in a local business rather than a big supermarket or online. If every adult in Langport and surrounding villages, spent just £5 a week in their independent shops and businesses, instead of online or in the big nationals, it would be worth £2.6 million to the local economy, and that means more jobs, improved facilities and a nicer place to live. And you cannot argue with that? It is also worthy of note, that on average, each independent business has around 12 local suppliers who are, often also independent, family-run businesses. So that £5 spent, is re-invested locally. The beauty of spending £5 is that it is easy. Small actions like this have enormous influence when magnified by lots of shoppers.

Shops, cafés, restaurants and businesses will be offering some amazing and unique £5 offers, starting on 5th October and running for a week. Please do look out for the bright orange posters in window displays and on social media.

Chris Sands, Founder of Totally Locally and organiser of Fiver Fest, adds: “Fiver Fest is a chance for independent shops to show what great value they are & to say thank you to their customers for supporting them, but it also to show what an important contribution they make to the UK economy and the wellbeing of our town centres.”

Fiver Fest Langport will take place from 5th -12th October and the independent businesses are ready to welcome new and existing customers in and around Langport.