MORE than 2,000 tonnes of potatoes will be packed and distributed at Branston’s Somerset factory in the week leading up to Christmas Day – an increase of 73% on the average week at the site.

Branston South West get set for Christmas at their site near Ilminster.

As demand soars for one of the nation’s favourite components to Christmas dinner, more than 16.2 million packs of potatoes will be sold by retailers nationwide during the week leading up to Christmas.

Jonathan Taylor, general manager at Branston’s Ilminster site in Somerset, said: “Christmas dinner just wouldn’t be the same without the roasties and we are in the midst of our very own ‘12 days of Christmas’ countdown. From 13 December we really start to see uplift in demand for potatoes, as families across the country prepare for the festive season.

“In the lead up to the festive season, potato packing jumps from 170 tonnes a day to over 550 tonnes on the peak days in the week before Christmas and our production facility runs around the clock to meet demand.”

Research shows that large family gatherings are the norm this festive season with 60% of households intending to cook dinner for six or more people. Less than a third (28%) of households will be eating alone with just one other person.

Jonathan continued: “Your festive dinner would not be the same without some lovely fluffy crisp roasties, so no wonder we have such a surge in sales. King Edward and Maris Piper are the best known varieties for roasties as they have that fluffy texture that crisps up really well, but all our potatoes will make a great addition to Christmas – whether that’s at the main meal or to feed the family throughout the holidays.”

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