Head to Head Debate 20th May, 7pm, The Minster, Ilminster

Local councillor, Linda Vijeh, well know for being willing to speak up on any subject, is to join former Lib. Dem. leader Paddy Ashdown on May 20th, in a debate over future EU membership in the run up to the vote on June 23rd.

Linda and Paddy will go head to head in front of a local audience, where Rev. Nigel Done will Chair the event at The Minster at 7pm.

Said Linda, ‘This is one of the most important events to take place in our lifetime. There are many voters who have never have known life outside the EU and it is really important that everyone is sufficiently well informed to be able to make their decision. I believe that it is up to each of us as individuals to decide what we feel will be best, but what is most important is that we all exercise our democratic right to vote. What has not been helpful so far has been the negative campaigning by both sides, and the amount of scaremongering we have been exposed to. I have been asked to speak on behalf of Brexit, which I am happy to do, but to be honest I have not yet decided which way I will vote on the day.’