Green Business Dorset Magazine Launch – Environmental Management Made Easier

A vital new tool is available free to private business, public sector and organisations in Dorset. In support of environmental management, and encouraging a buy local culture, Green Business Dorset is a dynamic package of e.magazine, e.newsletter and events programme aimed at providing an educational resource and environmental hub for the County.

Green Business Dorset- edit

This free resource is brought to you by the owner of Make it Happen PR, Lynda Daniels (formerly Sparks) (centre of page – front): “Having worked in the green sector for four years – and as Vice Chair of the Bournemouth Chamber Green Knowledge Network, I saw for myself the wealth of green products, services and expertise right here in Dorset. When it comes to environmental management and social responsibility, companies can feel overwhelmed and unaware of the help that is available right here in the County they operate in. It struck me a central knowledge point would be the ideal solution – an Environmental Dating Agency if you like, highlighting solutions and matching them with businesses with a need.”

Whether through legislation, customer demand, tendering for new business or even attracting the best staff – no organisation can afford to ignore the environmental impact of their operation. “The idea of Green Business Dorset is to encourage a step by step – and therefore more affordable and manageable approach,” Lynda explains. “Just as important, we don’t want Dorset companies to be caught out – and lose business their competitor simply because they were not moving their business forward. Also, the power of the green pound IS rising and our goal is to keep as much of that spend in the county as possible.”

Green Knowledge Network’s Chairman, Jon Cullum: “This magazine will play an important role for our Network and for Dorset as a whole. For a long time there has been a need for a central knowledge share, a point from which we can help commercial Dorset understand the benefits of adopting a greener culture. The cost benefits can be huge – and environmental management is creeping up on every business. Working together with Green Business Dorset we hope to put Dorset firmly on the sustainability map in the South.”

From recycled paint, bio oil, renewable energy, training courses, utility bill management, legal advice/representation, leak detection, low energy lighting, telecoms, training, climate control, low energy heating, commercial recycling, thermal & acoustics, vehicle chargers, reformed plastic, up cycling, consultants, local food producers –new solutions right here in our county are growing all the time.

Lynda summarises: “One of our core messages is changing your purchasing decisions does not mean compromising on quality – and when you read our case studies you will see how often this results in reducing the cost of running your business too.”

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