Good Food For Everyone Forever: A Local Food Feast & Evening of Speakers

Colin TudgeOn Friday 13th September there is a Local Food Feast & Evening of Speakers taking place at Glastonbury Town Hall.

Keynote speaker is Colin Tudge, biologist and author of ‘Good Food for Everyone Forever’   amongst a number of other titles.

There will also be talks about sustainable agriculture, access to land and food poverty in Somerset.

Somerset local vegetable ProduceThe event is being organised by a network of community gardeners and food enthusiasts called ‘Incredible Edible Somerset’. One of the event organisers, Nicole Vosper says,

“Somerset faces many challenges ahead, from climate change to economic disruption. Food banks are on the rise and over 1000 people are on waiting lists for allotments. However communities across Somerset are taking action – organising to access land, starting gardens and projects and making these issues visible. Good Food For Everyone Forever is about what we can do locally to ensure that everyone has access to a nourishing diet, to land and to community to learn how to grow and share produce.”

Somerset ProducePeople can buy tickets for Good Food for Everyone Forever, from The Fruit & Vegetable Shop, 16 Benedict St, Glastonbury, as well as online at The event is a sliding scale donation from £2 – £15 and everyone is encouraged to bring some food to share.


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