Glastonbury Carnival Donates £14500

Glastonbury Chilkwell Guy Fawkes Carnivals’ princess Aailyah Carter performed her second duty by handing out cheques to several causes this weekend. This year 3 recipients were nominated as main beneficiaries on top of usual donations that are made to all the clubs, groups and charities who help collect and count the money for the carnival.

Glastonbury Carnival

The 3 main recipients are Jack Nurse, a donation has been made towards the upkeep and maintenance of the new specialised Trike he will have the pleasure of riding, the 2nd is Avalon School, a donation has been made towards their project of installing a new hydrotherapy pool and finally Mr Terry Woods, Life President of the committee, Terry relies heavily on his scooter for keeping active and mobile and is being supported towards the cost of a new one.

This year the money donated is £14500 and is spread out of over 40 worthy causes. We would like to thank all those that attended even though it was Mothers Day and look forward to their support for 2015.

Glastonbury Carnival are always on the look out for new collectors, so if you have a project or just need to raise funds to keep your organisation going or want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes please come and visit us on 31st May from 4pm at the Butler Carnival Park.

Pictured are Freewheelers, Ist Street Scouts, Supporters of Ashcott School, Glastonbury & Street Sea Cadets, Wells life Saving, Mendip Disabled Association, Shepton Judo Club, Westonzoyland Collecting Team, Glastonbury & Street Lions and the Rotary Club of Glastonbury & Street, Carnival Princess Aaliyah Carter, Chairman Mr Reg Cohen and Treasurer Hazel DeGregorio