Woman Whittling (C) (L)Join a growing number of us working and learning in nature.

Can a dandelion clock tick? What is dragons snot? How can a stick of magnesium keep you warm? Why do I spend so much time indoors when actually I want to work with people outdoors in nature? The answer to these and other questions can be found in woods near you soon.

On Tuesday 22nd March, South-West based Social Enterprise and training agency Nature Workshops are offering a free Forest School Training Taster event from 11am – 2 pm in Henlade Woods, close to Taunton

Following a successful Taster day back in December people have been getting in touch to ask when another will be running. We think it’s great that so many people want to get outdoors to work and learn. The day will be held at Woodland Trust managed woodland, a ten minute drive from Taunton city centre.

Sue Rachel Fran LandscapeNature Workshops offer a range of land and water based training opportunities throughout the South-West and have regular taster sessions running in Devon and Cornwall. Tasters are designed to help prospective trainees find out more about the organisation’s learner-lead training style and mentorship programme. This event at Henlade Woods along with Tasters being held in Bath, Plymouth and Bristol are part of Nature Workshops ongoing growth in Forest School training in the South West.

Activities  include, fire lighting, den-building, tool work and woodland games all  aimed at nurturing confidence and growing self esteem while also building an understanding of woodland environments an sustainablilty issues. Forest School is an inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop resilience, confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment.

The session is free of charge, includes hot food round the fire and is open to all adults curious about what is involved in becoming an outdoor Forest School Practitioner.

Lucy knivesNature Workshops have a close working relationship with the Woodland Trust having worked in many woodlands owned by them and also distributing trees, grown by the Woodland Trust to community groups. To date 2, 400 trees have been planted via this arrangement.

Places are limited for the free Forest School Training Taster. Contact Nature Workshops by phone on 01209 215211 or by emailing [email protected] as soon as possible to reserve a space. Further information can also be found by visiting their website

About Nature Workshops: Nature Workshops is a South-West-based social enterprise, working to reconnect children and adults with the natural world. Through outdoors-focused classes, workshops, events and training sessions, people are encouraged to interact with their environment and to experience the physical, mental and social benefits of time spent outdoors.

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