Flexercise training in Chard will help keep older people more active

South Somerset District Council’s Healthy Lifestyles Team is helping older and frail residents to keep active by offering a one day ‘Flexercise’ training session in Chard on Thursday 5th November.

Sam Wenden-de-Lira, Healthy Lifestyles Officer at the district council explained the benefits of the training: “Flexercise is a series of chair based exercises that are an ideal way to keep residents in nursing homes, care homes, Active Living Centres, residential homes and sheltered housing active. The scheme is specifically designed for older and frail individuals.

flexercise parachute

“Flexercise can also be used to help people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and those rehabilitating after a stroke. Essentially Flexercise is perfect for a wide range of people who have difficulty exercising.”

The training can be accessed by anyone – staff or volunteers – who have no prior knowledge of leading or delivering exercise or physical activity sessions and is running on Thursday 5th November.

The Flexercise sessions have a large emphasis on fun and are aimed at benefiting the physical, mental and social health of the individuals undertaking the activity. Following the training it is then possible to lead a Flexercise session in the workplace or a community group.

flexercise group

Training will explain what Flexercise is, the medical conditions that older adults may have and activities that can be used with or without additional equipment. As part of the programme there is ongoing support for the leaders and further training to update the activities that they can use within their Flexercise sessions.

Cllr Sylvia Seal, the portfolio holder for Leisure and Culture at South Somerset District Council said: “Our Healthy Lifestyles team have delivered Flexercise training to hundreds of people working in nursing homes, residential homes and sheltered housing. The workshops are an essential way to keep older and frail people more active and engaged.

For information about the Flexercise programme as well as booking forms visit www.southsomerset.gov.uk/flexercise or contact Sam Wenden-de-Lira on 01935 462348 or email [email protected]

Pictures show participants in the Flexercise session at the Octagon Theatre in May 2015