Don’t miss out on extra support this winter: Funding for families in Somerset

CCS SomersetAlthough the sun is shining and we are looking forward to the a few more months of warmer weather, now is the time to think about getting some extra help this winter.

Community Council for Somerset (CCS) has been awarded funding from the ScottishPower Energy People Trust to work with families in Somerset to ensure they are prepared for the winter months and the higher cost of their energy bills.

The new project titled Somerset Warmer Homes (SWF) will be holding events throughout the coming months to promote the project and encourage people to think about what changes they can make to save both energy and money.

Many of the major fuel suppliers will be opening up for applications to their Warm Home Discount scheme and now is the time for people to register. Those customers who are eligible will receive £140 credited to their electricity account or in the form of a voucher if they use a prepayment key.

Untitled1Andrew Govier, the SWF project co-ordinator said:  ‘We are delighted that we have received this grant. It will allow us to work with communities and individuals across Somerset to help them save energy and reduce their fuel bills. The Warm Home Discount is a very practical way of helping people. I would encourage people to apply as soon as possible, as some of the pots are limited and have deadlines.’

*One in three people could not afford to adequately heat their homes last winter and 29 per cent had to turn the heating down or off, or only heat part of their homes. The number of households unable to heat the living areas of their homes is at a record high.

‘We know that lots of people struggle to pay their energy bills and many are not able to keep their properties warm enough. There are some simple practical measures that people can take to help with this and we hope to be able to get these messages out to the people who need it.’

People wishing to apply for the Warm Homes Discount are encouraged to check with their supplier either by phone or through their website”

CCS will be working with our own Somerset Village Agents, local authorities, Warmer Improved Somerset Homes (WISH) project,  NHS and voluntary sector partners to identify families with young children Somerset’s communities.

They will provide those families with a comprehensive package of advice and support which will allow them to improve the energy efficiency of their property and reduce their energy costs. A trained energy advisor will provide advice in a variety of settings and in a number of innovative ways.

For more information visit: or email: [email protected]