Don’t feed wasps on your waste

somerset_wasteWasps are enjoying the warm weather and, although useful against garden pests, can make a nuisance of themselves.

So it is important to rinse out food and drink cans and bottles before putting them out for recycling at the kerbside or taking them to a recycling site, the Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) has warned.

Otherwise the remaining contents may attract wasps that can sting recycling collection crew members, your family or passing members of the public.

Flies or vermin could also be attracted by your unintended waste feast, says SWP.

All waste food should be added to your food waste container for recycling into agricultural compost or, soon, turned into clean, green power by Somerset’s new anaerobic digestion facility.

For advice and information on what to recycle and how, see the SWP home collection pages:

Your district council has advice on dealing with wasps and their nests.


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