Depressed Dogs Desperate For New Home

Lola and Sherman are two adorable and inseparable dogs currently resident at Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Wambrook, near Chard, Somerset. Due to the dogs becoming depressed, the Sanctuary is now urgently seeking a new owner.

Ferne Animal Sanctury

Image: Lola and Sherman with Tara Nirula, Acting Head of Animal Care, Ferne Animal Sanctuary

As an incentive, the Sanctuary will cover all veterinary costs, vaccinations, worming and flea treatments that will be needed for the rest of the dogs’ lives. They will also transport the dogs to their new home anywhere in the country – no matter how far. In addition, they will provide the new owner with collars, leads, bowls, beds, toys, treats and six months supply of food. And there will be no adoption fee to pay.

Tara Nirula, Acting Head of Animal Care at Ferne Animal Sanctuary said: “Lola and Sherman have both experienced neglect in the past and have been at Ferne for over 18 months now. They are urgently in need of a new loving home where they can be together for the rest of their lives.”

Although the dogs did not originally arrive at the Sanctuary at the same time, for some reason, it was love at first sight and they are now inseparable.

“When Lola came back from the vets after being neutered she was put in a different kennel for recovery. Sherman was devastated at being separated from her and could be heard howling across the whole Sanctuary. She was then put in a crate within his kennel and he immediately calmed down.

“If either of them is walked individually, the remaining dog will lie in their bed sulking until the other returns. They always share a bed – even if it is a bit of a squeeze!”

Lola and Sherman are very friendly and are looking for an owner who can give them lots of attention as they love human company. They are happy to live with children of 10 years and over.

“They are very gentle, affectionate dogs who enjoy having lots of cuddles. They would be more suited to a rural home with plenty of space as they love bounding around and playing together. They would not need long walks if they had enough land available. They are house-trained, not destructive and are fine travelling in the car.”

Tara concluded: “Lola and Sherman have been at Ferne Animal Sanctuary for a long time now and have started to get quite depressed. They are often seen lying down with their heads in their paws. It is heart breaking to see, as they are normally such loveable, happy dogs.”

For further details call the very friendly animal care team at Ferne Animal Sanctuary on 01460 65214.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary launched their “New Digs for Dogs” £1m project for 2014/15 in March 2014 to build a new enhanced kennel block, improved grooming and veterinary care room, information hub, social unit, offices, reception and purpose built rehoming centre at their site in Somerset.

Fundraising packs for the appeal, details of how to donate and more information about all their events can be obtained by calling 01460 65214 or by visiting