Cygnets Born and Naming Competition at Palace

Following Sunday’s announcement of the first two cygnets hatching by the moat at The Bishop’s Palace in Wells, it is now confirmed that there are 8 cygnets altogether.

The final cygnet appeared late on Bank Holiday Monday and this morning (2nd May) Mum Wynn and Dad Bryn took the new arrivals out for their first swim.

The younger ones were somewhat hesitant to make the leap from the bank into the moat and one decided to ride on Mum’s back instead! Footage of the first swim can be seen on the Palace Facebook page.

The Palace has also announced that it will be running the much-anticipated annual cygnet naming competition and anyone interested is encouraged to send in their name suggestions by email [email protected], on Facebook or Twitter, or by visiting the Palace Shop. Entries will close on 23rd May and the winning names will be announced on the Palace website and social media pages.

Last year’s cygnets had some fantastic names including Swanold Trump and Swan Direction – can you beat those?

To see up to date news and footage, visit the Palace website, where you can tune in to Swan Cam.

The tradition of Swans on the Palace Moat goes back to the 1870’s when one of Bishop Hervey’s daughters first taught the swans to ring a bell at the Gatehouse for food. The bell has a small rope underneath, which the swans pull with their beaks. New generations of swans learn to ring the bell from their parents and visitors from far and wide come to see this lovely tradition.