Council Tax: Don’t be fooled by bogus tricksters

SSDCCouncil tax bills will soon be landing on doormats and South Somerset District Council has a warning for residents about tricksters who claim they can save them money for the cost of a fee. The district council is aware that a caller is stating they are from a company who for a fee could arrange to reduce their council tax for them. The caller then says that their company is employed by South Somerset District Council to carry out this work.

This company is NOT working for South Somerset District Council, nor do we have any companies working for us in this way.

Other councils have reported someone phoning claiming to be from a government department and was offering a years’ council tax refund as a reward for prompt payment over the past number of years. The resident was suspicious, and when the caller was asked to identify themselves and the department they represented the caller hung up. This type of scam is similar to a number of bogus telephone calls occurring in growing numbers across the country, the nature of which is to deceive the recipient into revealing personal bank details by promising a refund of council tax to be paid into their account.

If you get a call from someone saying they are working on behalf of South Somerset District Council to reduce Council Tax charges and asking for a fee, we advise you to end the call straight away.

For advice about Council Tax Band reductions, discounts, exemptions or Council Tax Benefit (replaced with Council Tax Reduction from 1st April 2013) please visit the Council’s website or call 01935 462462.

Councillor Tim Carroll, Deputy Leader and Vice-Chairman of the Executive said, “Telephone scams are prevalent at the moment, and in this case they are charging a fee and saying they can get Council Tax reduced. It is important that you do not make any payments or give them any personal details. You can get free advice about your Council Tax from South Somerset District Council.”





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