Birchfield residents to have their say

Residents in the Birchfield area of Yeovil will be able to have their say on what improvements they would like to see in their neighbourhood, when the Birchfield Area Residents Association hold a consultation event on Monday 25 March.

The consultation will take place at Monmouth Hall from 3pm to 7pm. Residents are invited to come along and give their suggestions for improvements for the area, for example what the community needs, what would make it a better place to live or possibly any training or activities they would like.

This will be a chance for residents to show their concerns, ideas and aspirations for their community. All suggestions will be anonymous, so people will be able to make suggestions without fear of criticism.

Councillor Tony Fife, Area South Chairman said, “All the information will be used to build up an action plan that South Somerset will work with the Residents Association to make happen. However, we need the community to come forward and let us know what they need.”

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