Best ever high grades achieved by Strode College students

With the best ever high grades achieved at Strode College for A Levels and advanced level vocational qualifications, and another outstanding set of results, students and staff have plenty to celebrate. 

Over 600 students completed courses at Strode this summer and many returned to college to celebrate their excellent results with friends and staff and to look forward to exciting times ahead. 

Strode A Level and vocational students celebrated their fantastic results and best ever
high grades

Katy Quinn, who recently took up the position of Principal at Strode College, is delighted. She said:

“What a fantastic way to end the academic year!  Our students and staff have worked incredibly hard to achieve this outstanding set of results. They have now maximised their opportunity for progression whether it is to study at university, take up an apprenticeship or go into employment.  Results are important as they help students progress to achieve their ambitions. Alongside these excellent results, these 600 or so students have also gained so much more while at Strode. They leave us with more knowledge and skills, more experience, confidence and independence. They are in a great position to make the most of their future opportunities and I wish them every success.”

Year on year Strode students have exceeded national averages and once again, they have succeeded in maintaining this exceptionally high standard. 318 students completed A Levels (806 entries) at Strode this year. 24% of entries gained high grades of A* and A (national average 26.3%), 57% gained high grades of A* to B and 82% gained A*-C. The overall pass rate was 99% (national average 97.9%) and 32 of our A Level subjects achieved 100% pass rate.

These high levels of achievement, above the national average, have also been achieved in the new, harder linear A levels. 55% (440 entries) of A level entries were studying these new linear A levels. 28% of entries gained high grades of A* and A (national average 24.3%) and 60% gained high grades of A* to B.  The overall pass rate for students studying linear A levels was 99% (national average 98.1%).