Art Exhibition & Meet the Artist event: East Lambrook Manor, Malthouse Gallery

Damian ClarkeDamian Clarke, having been a musician for many years, has recently brought more drawings, words and dulcimer music together so that people can view and hear his work, sharing what inspires him when touring and exploring remote parts of Europe.

Damian will be performing his musical soundscapes within the gallery space at a special “Meet The Artist” event on August 22nd at 3pm. Entry is free. This will be a chance to view the pictures with the added dimension of sound. There will be opportunities to ask questions and discuss the paintings. The exhibition is on from August 12th to 31st 10-5pm Tues – Saturday and entry is free.

For the past year, Damian has been exploring themes that have developed out of his previous exhibitions:

Murmuration and the flow of birds and fish as they twist and turn in everchanging organic shapes.
Meadowflowers that create carpets of fragmented colour, sprinkled over lush, verdant landscapes.
Musical soundscapes played live on the Hammer Dulcimer to give an extra dimension to the viewing experience.
And some unexpected combinations of the above.

Damian Clarke Murmuration

Describing his work as ‘painted drawings’, Damian explains, “I’m fascinated by the possibilities of drawing in pure lines and dots. I love drawing in ink and in paint. Continuing his exploration of mark-making, Damian’s pictures often appear full of pattern and flow, as edges dissolve into each other, shapes are freed to break their bounds and float away.  Damian says, “I am always intrigued and inspired by places and ideas that overlap and cross-over, within nature, art and culture generally”.

Some of his paintings have now been printed onto Satin fabric and are available either framed or as fabric to be framed.  His work has also been turned into limited edition scarves and unique ties that can be purchased.  (Paintings)  (Scarves, etc)   (Music)