A brand new BBC Animal Park series from Longleat begins on Monday, July 31st.

Animal Park presenters Kate Humble and Ben Fogle filming with the Lemurs at Longleat

Filmed at the Wiltshire estate and in Kenya, the 10-part series stars presenters Kate Humble, Ben Fogle and Jean Johansson and will be broadcast at 9.15am every weekday until August 11thon BBC1.

Entitled ‘Animal Park Summer Special’ this will be the 12th series which has come from Longleat. The very first episode was broadcast back in 2000.

Animal Park’s Jean Johansson with the Lorikeets at Longleat

“It was great to welcome the whole crew back again, many of them are beginning to think of Longleat as their second home!” said Head of Animal Operations Darren Beasley.

“We are looking forward to sharing more ‘behind the scenes’ moments. It’s good to be able to show on TV the important and tireless work our dedicated keepers put in to ensure our animals have a great home to live,” he added.

Animal Park’s Jean Johansson filming in the Safari Park at Longleat

Among the topics covered in the new series are Evan the baby giraffe venturing into her new enclosure for the first time, the dramatic arrival of a new reindeer calf and how keepers ensure young cheetah cubs Poppy and Winston don’t come into danger in a new big enclosure.

The show also features extraordinary super slow motion footage of Longleat’s cheetahs and tigers shot by BBC Wildlife cameraman, Louis Labrom, a special trip by keepers to Kenya to see first-hand some of the important conservation work which goes on in Lewa Conservancy and a penguin love triangle!