Angling reopens at Chard Reservoir

South Somerset District Council and Chard Angling Club are delighted to be welcoming anglers back to Chard Reservoir Local Nature Reserve from Monday 17 October.


The angling at Chard Reservoir has been closed since mid-June due to the deaths of a number of mid-sized carp and some coarse fish.  Following guidance issued by the Environment Agency in their investigatory reports, and having taken advice from EA Fisheries Officers, the site has remained closed for nearly five months.  However, after a period with no fish deaths and with the fish stock recovered, the site team are pleased to reopen to anglers.

The deaths of the carp were thought to be a natural occurrence.  The fish were weakened due to spawning and were more susceptible to a bacterium that naturally occurs in lake water.  After allowing this period of recovery, with no reported fish deaths, angling will fully reopen on Monday 17 October.


Regular water quality monitoring has commenced on site with the site ranger, Tim Brown, carrying out localised, weekly checks of the reservoir waters to ensure that high water quality is maintained for fish health.

We ask that anglers help us ensure that the site stays open and heathy for the fish stock.  Please practise exemplary bio security control by disinfecting all your fishing equipment, between every visit (to any fishery) by thoroughly drying all equipment preferably for 48 hours in sunlight, or by use of a chemical disinfectant (generally an iodine-based product).  Additionally carp anglers are asked to treat any wounds that they see on fish that they catch.

Please also keep an eye on all fish that you catch.  If you see any fish injuries during your visit then report them to [email protected] or 07971 111955or by talking to the site ranger or angling Club bailiff on site.  The site ranger and Club bailiff will be handing out reporting slips and contact details at the bankside to ensure everyone has the information needed to contact us.


Tim Brown, site ranger, said: “I am delighted that we are reopening to angling.  It has been a quiet few months on site but we have all been reassured by the understanding and support of the angling community about the closure, which was necessary to ensure that the fishery was restored to full health”.

The Angling Club and ranger team will continue to meet at frequent intervals to review the situation and consider any reports of fish injuries received.

Anglers are reminded that to fish at Chard Reservoir you are required by law to have a rod licence from the Environment Agency.


  1. Chard Reservoir
  2. Chard Reservoir angler
  3. Site Ranger Tim Brown who will be on site for information and enquiries on Monday 17 October