A Level Joy for Chilton Cantelo School

Pupils at Chilton Cantelo School, near Yeovil and Sherborne, celebrate A Level results!

This year’s students carried on the School’s tradition of achieving strong results with a 93% overall pass rate. 29% of all grades were A*/A, outperforming the national rate of 25.9%, and 36% of grades were A* to B. The school gained an increase of over 17% in the A*- B grades range from last year.


Particular congratulations go to top-scoring Louis Mustin for achieving an A* in Further Maths and an A in Maths, Physics and Philosophy.

Louis said: ‘I am going into my first choice, Manchester University, to study Physics and Philosophy. I am really happy!’

Former A Level student, Mollie Richardson, is being retained as an employee at the school to coach sports and will complement the full and weekly boarding staff as a Housemistress.

Mollie said: ‘I am delighted with my PE results in particular! I got an A in my exam this year. I am keeping my options open and after the upcoming year I might decide to go into the Army as an Officer as I have gained enough UCAS points to be able to do this.’

Verity White, Headmistress, said: ‘Today’s results stand as proof that our students’ hard work has culminated in grades they can be proud of. Our small class sizes have proven yet again how well pupils do by studying their A Levels here.’

Photo: Louis Mustin, A Level Top Scorer.