New TV Show looking for North Dorset Shoppers

Producers of a new TV show are looking for people from the North Dorset area for a new prime time TV programme for a major UK broadcaster. It’s a feel good programme that also provides information on how and why supermarkets do what they do. We need families, couples and friends who would like the opportunity to take part.

The programme will be following various people as they embark on their weekly food shop in different stores across the UK; from the high street supermarket to the independent store, the local deli or specialist food shop. One of our stores is located in North Dorset.

Grocery cart with fruits and vegetable moving through the aisle in a supermarket.

What do our shopping baskets say about us? Are we impulse buyers, browsers or brand addicts? Do we love a good offer or are we drawn to the most reassuringly expensive items? How much do we think about what we put in our basket? Is it healthy, sustainable, organic? In this bold and enlightening programme, we rig shopping trolleys in different supermarkets around the country to show how Britain really shops, and what our spending habits reveal about us, and the nation as a whole.

Using innovative filming techniques, we’ll highlight the differences and similarities in people’s approaches, budgets, and tastes as they fill their trolleys and baskets. We’ll see how families interact with each other; their aspirations, lifestyles and relationships all reflected in this essential life experience.

Please email [email protected] or call 0117 9707634 to find out more.