2500 years of Mosaic Art: Illustrated talk – Friday 8 April, Bridgwater Arts Centre

The Chandos Society of Artists will be giving an illustrated talk on the art of the mosaicist from Ancient Greece to modern day installations.

Mosiac Art

The presentation is supported by many photographs and video tracing the development of the oldest of art forms from the pebble floors of Ancient Greece to modern day installations.

The tools and materials that have hardly changed in 2000 years will be at the Art Centre for attendees who want to try cutting the tesserae.

“I discovered the art form about ten years ago when in Spain” said Ken Church, Chairman of the Society who will be giving the presentation. He went to Ravenna in Italy to study with the Maestra Luciana Notturni, to Venice and Cyprus and also the USA where the art of the modern mosaicist flourishes.

“Some extraordinarily fine work has been produced through the ages that is as good as any art ever produced”.

Mosiac Art 2

With over 100 slides and some videos, artists, historians and artisans will all find something of interest in this presentation.

The event takes place in Bridgwater Arts Centre on Friday 8 April from 2pm. Cost is £5 for Chandos Society Members and £7.50 for non-members payable on the door. Refreshments will be available.

For further information visit www.chandosartistssociety.uk