24 hour help at the touch of a button courtesy of Careline

SSDCResidents in need of peace of mind can be assured that they can be in direct contact with someone who will be able to help within seconds of pushing a button, thanks to the local Careline service offered by South Somerset District Council.

The Careline provides an emergency alarm pendant that can be worn at all times, which links to a control centre based in Somerset where staff are on hand to answer calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pressing the alarm button puts the user straight into contact with the staff who could call a doctor if the resident was feeling unwell, or an ambulance if needed, or call the police if the person felt intimidated or in danger.

Not only an emergency response system, the Careline can help with day to day care and allows users to know that they are never alone.

Having a Careline unit is not only available for people who live on their own, but also for couples who are worried about each other if one of them has to go out for any reason. For those who have moved to South Somerset, perhaps on retirement, leaving your families in other parts of the country, the service offered by Careline ensures peace of mind for them and an insurance for you.

Councillor Ric Pallister, Leader of South Somerset District Council and Portfolio Holder for Housing said, “This really is a vital lifeline for so many older, vulnerable or disabled residents and their families. The Careline system and that simple button worn round the neck, gives peace of mind that if something like a fall does occur then help can be on its way within seconds. For many it is never used but the reassurance it brings is the difference between having the confidence and ability to live safely and independently in their own home rather than and having to go into residential care. Particularly for relatives, they can have the confidence that if mum or dad has a fall or is feeling unwell, then immediate help can be summonsed and they can be informed.”

The installation of the alarm system costs £32.05 but is free to those who are on some benefits*. In addition monitoring of the alarm costs £1.99 per week and the hire of the alarm and pendant costs £1.75 per week.

To find out more on how Careline can help, contact 01935 479815 or visit www.southsomerset.gov.uk


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